Homework for Janine's return Monday 13th April:

Writing - 'My Dream Home'

Where? How would you design it, personalise it, decorate it?

Reading Page 84/85


Tuesday 24/3:

  • Vocabulary - houses (pg ?)
  • Write 10 sentences in the second conditional.
  • Watch a TED talk, post a link on the blog and try to watch another TED talk that one of your classmates has recommended. (See the TED page under 'Janine' in the menu)

Monday 23/3:

Write about your school days.

Tuesday 17/3:

  1. Read text on pg 66, 67 'Do you want to practise for five hours or six?' #6a, b, c, d.
  2. Grammar 7A First conditional and future time clauses (handout).
  3. Go to the 'Janine' page and write something about yourself.

Monday 16/3:

  1. Page 161 - Vocabulary (Education)
  2. Find an article on www.thelocal.se (or another news site in English).  Prepare to discuss the article in small groups on Tuesday.

7 thoughts on “Homework

  1. Hiba safaa

    Hello, I'm safaa from Algeria. I'm from northwestern city of Algeria named Oran it's beautiful coastal city, it lies along the Mediterranean Sea, with marvelous beaches and views .
    I've been living in Sweden for six months , I've just finished my studies before coming here,and I got master degrees on chemistry,and I look forward to do a Ph.D.
    I enjoy traveling and discover a new places ,also I like reading and running in open space.

    1. Janine

      Post author

      Hi Safaa. It's really nice to learn more about you. Oran sounds amazing. Do you miss the beaches?

  2. Hey , my name is Maria I'm from Angola. Now I live in Stockholm and I'll study Marketing. In my free time I like to go out with my friends, I like watching tv , listing to music, dance , travel and go to the gymnasium .

    1. Janine

      Post author

      Hi Maria. Nice to hear from you. I'm glad to hear you enjoy travelling, since you've already travelled so much with your family. Where would you like to travel to next?


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