Working in English B2/C1 spring 2021

Lesson 8-16th June

Course review

Pronunciation review

2-minute presentations

Class report 9/6

Summer plans


Lesson 7-9th June

Put in a suitable word exercise spring 2021

Discussion about customers and complaints

Class report 2/6


Discussion about coaching article


Current news stories


Unit 32 Trends

It/There exercise

Prepare a 1-2 min presentation about a subject of your choice


Lesson 6-2nd June

Replace the Swedish words with English exercise

Class report 26/5

Conditionals examples

Phrasal Verbs-how to form then

Business Phrasal Verbs

Group work-Phrasal Verbs crossword

Discussion about article on doing business in Sweden


Phrasal verbs worksheet

Unit 27 in the book about complaints

Reading-coaching and career development


Lesson 5-26th May

Group work-fix the swenglish mistakes 1-60

Swenglish presentation

Class Report 19/5

Two-minute presentations about something job related

Listening and discussiion-Swedish radio piece about working in Norrland


Unit 18 in the book

Mixed conditional exercise

Reading-doing business in Sweden


Lesson 4-19th May

Discussion about doing business via mail/phone

Unit 13 A Punctuation exercise

Class report 5/5

3rd Conditional-everyone gives examples

Prepositions exercise

Discussion on the art of conversation (Celeste Headlee Ted Talk)


1 Third Conditional worksheet

2 Unit 20 Arranging a meeting

3 Prepare a 1-2 min speech about something related to your job


Lesson 3-5th May

Pair work-Swenglish exercise

Class Report-28th April

Discussion about small talk in Sweden

conversation pair work- what you do in your spare time

group work-Social English Expressions

Conditional forms


Unit 16 in the book Being Polite and Diplomatic

2nd Conditional exercise

Watching-Ted Talks-Celeste Headlee-The Art of Conversation

Prepare a short 1-2 min presentation about something related to your job


Lesson 2-28th April

Past Simple speaking-1 interesting thing you did since last week

warm-up exercise-typical Business Swenglish mistakes to avoid

Class Report-21st April

give a short presentation about your job (1-2 mins)-feedback given on grammar points

Prepositions of Time-at/on/in

Group discussion on article about new ways of working


Prepositions exercise

Unit 11 C p27 from the book

Watch the BBC News piece about small talk in Sweden

Writing-personal presentation


Lesson 1-21st April

Needs analysis

Present your partner

Pair work-put in a suitable word exercise on typical mistakes to avoid

Group work-what kind of weaknesses can a student at B2/C1 level have?

Pronunciation check

Unit 11 from Email English book on email errors


unit 8 from the book about verb forms

Reading-how the future of work will change

Next week you will give a short presentation about your job