English in the Evening May/June 2020

Lesson 7-16th June
course review
pronunciation check
class report 11/6
conversation pair work – your digital habits
groupwork-English quiz
tell the class about a trip you made to an English speaking country
summer plans


Lesson 6-11th June
Class report 9/6
Wish exercise
tell the class about the last trip you went on
phrasal verbs explanation
what do the following phrasal verbs mean?
make as many phrasal verbs as you can in 10 minutes
groupwork-phrasal verbs crossword
phrasal verbs exercise
reading-do no disturb article

Lesson 5-9th June

prepositions spring 2020
tell the class about your weekend
tell the class about a challenge you had
class report 4/6
reading and discussion-friends
listening from British Council


Lesson 4-4th June

pairwork-vocabulary autumn 2017
three things you did today
class report 2/6
two-minute subject to tell the class about
tell the class about something you don’t like
current news stories
conditionals exercise
30-day challenge from Empower


Lesson 3-2nd June

Fix the mistakes exercise

Conversation Pairwork: since last week

Make/Do questions

Class report 28/5

Usually/used to/to be used to + exercise

Reading and discussion: body language

Vocabulary exercise


used to/to be used to exercise

Bring in a news story to discuss in class


Lesson 2-28th May

Irregular Verbs

class report 26/5


Conversation Pair work-talk about your job

Pronunciation story

Idioms and Expression exercise

Group work-vocabulary exercise


Empower p8/9 2 A/B/C

Make/do questions exercise

Reading-body language

Writing: personal presentation


Lesson 1-26th May

Needs Analysis

Conversation Pair work: present your partner

Vocabulary exercise-put in the missing word

Pronunciation check

Conversation Pair work: your spare time

Current news stories


Find the mistakes exercise