Week 5, Tuesday 4th July

Summary of the lesson
  • Brainstorming to make a list of world cuisines and examples of their typical foods and dishes.
  • Presentation of your favourite recipes: Olivier salad from the Ukraine and Russia (but also popular in Iran), Swedish meatballs in gravy, and dolma from the Mediterranean. Good job! You found lots of new vocabulary for food items and verbs for food preparation.
  • Review of the homework and other new vocabulary to describe alternative diets and lifestyles, including:


lacto-ovo vegetarian


gluten free

food allergy

food intolerance

food sensitivity

  • Discussion of BBC Good Food’s Trends for 2017 and The New Yorker’s Trump-bashing parody. FYI: Charcoal-activated water seems to be a health drink for detox purposes produced from charcoal from natural sources such as coconut shells, not the charcoal you’d use on your barbecue!
  • You asked about the International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA) since it is used in the vocabulary exercises I’ve been giving out. Here’s a video which introduces the sounds for British English:

I can give you a handout next week, but it’s useful to work more interactively too, so follow this link to work with the vowels, diphthongs (two vowels together in one syllable) and consonants of English on the New English File website, a coursebook we use on the allmänna kurser (general courses). Consonants are voiced when there’s vibration in the vocal chords – which you can feel by pressing your fingers to your throat – or unvoiced. The sound /s/ is unvoiced and /z/ is voiced.

Homework for week 6, Tuesday 11th July

Overall theme: Festivals

Prepare to talk about a festival from your culture or country. A festival is a special yearly traditional holiday or event (“högtider” på svenska). But it can also mean a music or arts festival. Think about:

What happens?



Why? What is it’s purpose and history?

Other things to consider: food and drink, music, clothes/costumes, decorations, dancing and other activities.

You can also look here for a little inspiration.

Día de los muertos (Day of the Dead festival), Mexico


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