Week 4, 27th June

What we did in the lesson
  • Quiz on the travel website TripAdvisor’s survey of city destinations. Insert the following cities into the sentences: Moscow Rome Mumbai Stockholm Dubrovnik Budapest Tokyo New York. The results of the survey are here.

______ has the cleanest streets and best public transport.


______ has the friendliest taxi drivers.


______ is the best value for money.


______ has the best nightlife.


______ is the most family-friendly city.


______has the best attractions and best cultural experiences.


______ has the least helpful locals and worst hotels.


______ has the dirtiest streets.


  • Review of vocabulary exercises set as homework and speaking practice on your previous holidays.
  • Discussion of the video of eco-friendly travel tips.
  • Choosing a trip from Worldwide Ecotours‘ website. Iceland or Costa Rica? Discussion and explanation of your choice, then general discussion of whether ecotourism is fundamentally different from tourism.
Homework for week 5, Tuesday 4th July
  • Write some notes to help you prepare to talk about a recipe from your country – perhaps one of your national dishes. Give its history, ingredients and method of preparation. For example, I might talk about haggis or fish ‘n’ chips. Don’t simply read out the recipe, but summarise the method in your own words.
  • 2 x vocabulary exercises on ‘Food’ and ‘Uncountable nouns’ (many of which are related to food). Correct by yourself at home using the answer key.
  • Here are two articles on food trends for 2017. The first is from the BBC website and the second is from The New Yorker. Read them and find some new vocabulary. Have you eaten these foods? Would you eat these foods? Are food trends different in Sweden than in the English-speaking world? In which ways are the articles similar and different, in terms of content, tone etc?
  • If you want a little extra vocabulary practice there’s an advanced level interactive site for learning vocabulary etc. from Oxford University Press here. Select ‘Preparing food’.


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