Week 3’s lesson, 20th June

What we did in class
  • Analysis of the ‘How green is your lifestyle?’ quiz and discussion of your carbon footprints. You are all ‘green warriors’! Well done!
  • Modifying the following statements on environmental themes to reflect your views as a group.


It is up to my government, not me, to take action on global warming.


Rich people should be able to settle on the Moon or Mars when the environmentally-devastated Earth can no longer support life 


We should continue to drill for oil in new areas of the seas and oceans.


New high-speed rail systems should be built in Sweden.


It is a good idea for wolves to be reintroduced to rural areas in the UK.


I would happily buy an organic beef burger at McDonalds if they introduced them here.


Here’s a link to a story about the positive effects of reintroducing wolves to Yellowstone National Park, an example of rewilding.

Homework for week 4, Tuesday 27th June
  • Complete vocabulary exercises x 3: on ‘Travel’ and ‘Holidays’ to help you prepare for the lesson’s themes, plus some ‘Everyday expressions’. Remember to do the ‘Over to you’ sections. Correct at home using the answer key I emailed previously.
  • Watch this video of eco-friendly travel tips and then consider the questions below.

  1. Is tourism always good?
  2. Which of the tips resonates most with you? Do you already do these things?
  3. How far would you go to ‘support the locals’? What if locals were selling disposable plastic souvenirs?
  4. Have you ever experienced ecotourism, for example, a tour of a fairtrade coffee plantation or observing endangered species such as polar bears?
  5. Are zoos that protect and breed endangered species, such as Nordens Ark in Bohuslän, a better, more ethical alternative to ‘cruel animal attractions’?


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